9 Craziest Ways to Make Money (That Are Legal)


In fact, some of the fastest growing private companies in the United States are gaining success by turning to specialized industries or inventing new ways to make money.

1. Banking in Burning Man

Orion Melehan does things differently. As co-founder and CEO of LIFE AID Beverage Company, based in Santa Cruz, California, part of his work includes travel to music festivals; more recently, he attended a concert in Bend, Oregon, to celebrate the solar eclipse, to sell his products. LIFE AID develops sports and energy drinks that are popular among Millennials, particularly Burning Man. It ranks at 227th in 2017 Inc. 5000 and has recorded 12.8 million dollars in revenue last year.

2. Hipster Haven

Reverb.com has made the clairvoyant bet that music lovers would want a place to buy, sell and discover vintage equipment. The Chicago-based company, which occupies the 18th place in the list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, offers agreements on items such as chrome battery packs and tube amplifiers. Last year it generated revenues of almost $ 16 million.

3. Country of air transport

Headquartered in Ocala, Florida, MzeroA.com offers online training for pilots. It also sells electronic books and aviation equipment, because, as the founders explained, "a good driver is always learning".

4. Game of Thrones fan theories

On the road to Westeros, the White Walkers could march in the stealth form of House Stark, which is the horrendous wolf. This may indicate that Brandon Stark is in fact the king of the night, at least according to the theory of a fan of Game of Thrones, recently published on the Fan Fest website.

5. Take Craps

At least one company is generating significant sales in the culture of American casinos. Casino Cash Trace, which provides casino software to manage their gaming and accounting operations, contributed $ 3.5 million in revenue last year. Based in Tulsa, the ranking is 247 in 2017 Inc. 5000.

6. Brews for Bros

Craft breweries can be trendy, but there are other ways to make money with beer: just take them from Greg Avola and Tim Mather, the untapped founders. His activity in Wilmington, North Carolina, brought revenues of $ 3 million last year through his application on social media that sells tools and promotional items to beer sellers, helping them to connect with fans. Rank 259 in the list of Inc.

7. Sustainable underpants

Beachwood, a genus of deciduous trees originating in Europe and North America, can be commonly found in furniture, but is also a soft fabric. The Undies uses this material to develop underwear, which is then sold through a monthly subscription service. Headquartered in Culver City, Calif., The Company raised $ 32.6 million last year, reaching Inc. 5000 at No. 276.

8. Rage Road

If you've ever wanted to travel on the Interstate in a Lamborghini, but there was no money to do it, this business can help you. Extreme Experience rents luxury vehicles to customers who want to try them on professional race tracks, starting at $ 99 (excluding insurance). The Chicago Company has made the list of Inc. in n. 2985 in 2017, booking $ 5.8 million in sales last year.

9. Arcade Fire

Working hard does not stop you having fun, it's a lot of fun. Customers can also reserve space for private events if required. Headquartered in Denver, Punch Bowl Social posted revenues of $ 36 million last year, reaching Inc. 5000 at No. 1195 °.