Trade union


Characteristic Syndicate

It is an organization made up of employees or workers.

It is continuously formed. It is a permanent body and not casual or temporary.

It is formed to protect and promote all types of interests, economic, political and social, of its members. The dominant interest with which an association is linked is, however, economic.

It also includes union federations.

It achieves its objectives through collective actions and group efforts

Objective of the Union

Improve the economic part of employees by guaranteeing better wages.

Ensure better working conditions for workers.

To guarantee a bonus for employees the benefit of the concern,

Resisting management schemes that reduce employment, such as rationalization and automation. Ensure employee well-being through group schemes that offer benefits to all employees.

Protect employee interests by actively participating in management.

Ensure the social welfare of employees.

Ensure organizational stability, growth and leadership.

Function of Trade Union


Militant functions

A series of activities carried out by the trade unions leads to the improvement of the position of their members in relation to their employment. The objective of these activities is to guarantee adequate wages, guarantee better working and working conditions, obtain better treatment from employers, etc. When unions do not achieve these goals by collective bargaining and negotiation, they take an approach and fight with the administration in the form of a slow strike, boycott, hero, etc. Therefore, these trade union functions are known as militants or combat functions.


Fraternal functions

Another series of activities carried out by the union’s aims to help their members in times of need and improve their efficiency. The unions try to promote a spirit of cooperation and promote friendly relations and spread education and culture among their members. They also organize legal assistance for their members if necessary. In addition, they perform many welfare measures for their members, for example, the school for children's education, the library, reading rooms, door and outdoor games and other recreational facilities. Some unions even engage in the publication of a magazine or magazine. These activities, which can be called fraternal functions, depend on the availability of funds, which the unions collect with the signing of members and donations of third parties, and also their competent and enlightened leadership

Structure of Trade Union


Factory level unions:

The first level in the structure below is trunnion at plant level. This includes unions in an organization olfactory. Keep in mind that only seven members are needed to form a Union. This led to more unions in a factory.

Federations at the local level.

This is the second level in the structure of below. The local trade union federation holds the level of the plant together local unions in a particular trade and industry. These places federations can be affiliated at regional level or national federation or these can be independent.

Motivation to Join Union


Greater bargaining power

The individual employee has very little contractual power compared to that of his employer. If you are not satisfied with your salary and other conditions of employment, you can quit your job.

Make your voice heard.

The desire for self-expression is a fundamental human impulse for most people. Do not you agree? We all want to share our feelings, ideas and opinions with others. Likewise, workers also want the administration to listen to them.