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After all, it's your business

"When they are forced to put a pole on the ground and say, 'OK, I will live up to 73 or 85', the purpose is to point out that this is not an open concert," says Goodman. , a consultant based in Albuquerque who has worked with company founders for nearly 40 years. The exercise aims to help entrepreneurs focus on their needs. Recognizing and meeting these needs, says Goodman, increases your company's chances of success. He calls this approach "creative egoism".

Selfishness is not usually seen as a desirable trait. But for entrepreneurs, Goodman says, it's essential. Too often, the founders sacrifice their legitimate interests in the mistaken belief that they will serve the business better. In fact, when the needs of the leader and the company are out of control, the relationship between them can become toxic.

When your company is yours

One of the great irony of entrepreneurship is that people start businesses to gain control of their lives. Yes, working crazy during the first years is inevitable, says Goodman. But after a while it becomes counterproductive when entrepreneurs wear out.

"I've seen so many customers continue firing fires 10, 15, 20 years after they would have to take a step back," says Goodman. "They should think, 'How can I take advantage of it to be able to enjoy the fruits of this hard work?'". Goodman urges entrepreneurs to be intentionally willing to design companies that do not consume them.

Your perfect future

The owners of the companies are particularly well positioned to make the difference. Someone could trace his future chronology "I hired a young woman as a post office worker and she ended up running a division of the company and putting her son in Stanford," says Goodman. These are the types of results that add to a well-lived life. Future Perfect provides the individual with a holistic image of personal, professional and social life, which helps the individual to take charge of development. This also helps the person to be independent and self-motivated to achieve better results in shorter terms.

The sense of humor is good, but not essential:

Humor is often touted in textbooks and textbooks as an important tool for conversation, but it is not essential. If you are stressed by being considered the "funny boy", keep in mind that clarity of thought and simplicity of presentation are much more important than opening with a joke.

Obviously, these are just some suggestions on how to improve your business communication skills. If you have any other ideas you would like to share, leave a comment on the topic below!

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Entrepreneurs create schedules that extend both backwards and forwards from the present. On the left side of the line there are people and events that formed them and whose influence they might want to reproduce. (For example, entrepreneurs whose lives have been changed by mentors may want to pay for this). On the right side of the line there are people and events that they imagine contribute to their best future possible. The exercise causes the founders to focus on what is really important. Some people populate their programs with material results