Personalization is the future of the beauty industry?

Emerging companies and big brands are finding more and more ways for customers to create their ideal products, tailored to them. He had behaved a little presumptuously after creating a new color never seen before through the cosmetic company Finding Ferdinand, which produces customized lipstick shades. I selected a good piece of fuchsia, a bit of blueberry, with a hint of mauve. And here, I gave life to a new lipstick tone! I'm an original A creator A genius, really. I had to give a name to my color.

It was a fairly simple process: finding Ferdinand sends a lip pad into the mail, which you can use to mix your favorite tone. Then, send a rough estimate of colors through the company website, which allows up to 65,000 color combinations. It could just be a beauty product, but I felt powerful, as if I were the owner of that cosmetic.

"Beauty is something very personal," says Finding Ferdinand, founder of Nhu Le. "People do not want to be told". They want to choose what looks good. "

"There is definitely a subset of the market that wants customization, especially with millennials and" selfie generation "," he says. "They want to dictate what [personally] looks good".

Finding Ferdinand is particularly popular among panicked women who discover that their favorite shade is interrupted, as well as between brides who demand that their wedding party bring the same color of their lips.

Fashion and feminine cosmetics that make up an important part of our economy

Fashion and cosmetics for women

The fashion industry is an important part of our economy. Ten billion dollars a year is spent only on cosmetics and skin care products. Some may think that these fashions and products help to increase women's self-esteem and make them more effective. However, success is not based on appearance. We are judged by our hard work and our results. Women's fashion and cosmetics are used to imprison women instead of freeing them. The trick consumes money and time, the images of the posters send false portraits and the high fashion shoes are expensive in terms of health and economy. A considerable amount of time is spent on makeup and hairstyle. It takes at least fifteen minutes to put on make-up in the morning and it takes ten minutes to remove it at night. 

Women spend more money on makeup in times of economic difficulty

 When economic times are difficult, one would think that one of the first expenses that women could reduce would be the trick. After all, a tube of lipstick is not necessary for survival. Or is that?

While it's sad that women's personal cleansing habits can affect their careers, research continues to suggest that women who wear makeup are more likely to be seen as smart and competent and more likely to get promotions. Therefore, it is logical that women, intuitively, take this step in a time of economic difficulties to better guarantee their financial security.