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Item Code: TIGER’S EYE
MRP: PKR 3000
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Tiger's Eye stone is variety of Quartz mineral species with Cat's Eye effect (Chatoyancy).
Tiger's Eye stone has Silky Luster ( Velvety Surface appearance ).
Tiger's Eye stone is liked for its unmatched Appearance & SilkyLuster.
Tiges's Eye Stone is for Protection. It helps to overcome fear, anxiety & depression.
Tiger's Eye stone enhances self confidence & ability and strength required to achieve a Purpose.

Tiger's Eye Stone Facts
Tiger’s eye (or Tiger-eye) stone Belongs to Quartz mineral Species. Its color ranges from Golden, Yellow to Brown. It has Silky Luster. Tiger Eye stone exhibits ‘Chatoyancy’, also called ‘Cat’s eye effect’. It is the appearance of band of Light on surface of the stone. This Phenomenon is visible only in limited gemstones and adds value & beauty to the stone. Tiger Eye Stone Gemstone is mostly cut as Cabochon to effectively display Chatoyancy.

Tiger's Eye Properties
Hardness of Tiger Eye on Moh’s Scale: 7
Specific Gravity (SG)of Tiger Eye: 2.65
Refractive Index (RI) of Tiger Eye: 1.54
Visible Optical Phenomenon: Chatoyancy
Luster: Silky
Transparency: Opaque
Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Sources and Mining
Most popular sources of Tiger Eye stones are Africa, Myanmar (Burma) and Brazil.

Tiger's Eye Quality
The Quality of Tiger’s Eye Stone depends mainly on the Color, Finish & Chatoyancy in the stone. A Good quality Tiger Eye stone should have Silky Luster with proper Optical Effect. The Golden Brown color of Tiger’s eye is most desirable . There should be visible Chatoyancy effect on the stone’s surface. A Tiger-eye stone with Dents, crack or patches on the surface lower down the quality and should be strictly avoided for astrological and healing purposes.

Tiger's Eye Price - $5 per carat

Tiger's Eye Stone Benefits
Tiger’s eye Stone wards of negative energies from the wearer. It brings good luck and saves from negativity of people, objects and Places. It eradicates Fear and Anxiety. It makes the person Confident. Children must wear it for keeping them away from evil energies and make them more focused in Life. People Associated with Public Dealing and Public Speaking should wear the stone for Confidence. It has useful healing Powers and also affects Root chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. Root Chakra is associated with Spine and Solar Plexus is associated with Heart. It helps in curing diseases and disorders related to Spine, Heart and Lungs.



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